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Jodee was initially drawn to yoga in 1998 for the benefits of relieving back pain. The feeling of physical well-being led to an awareness of how yoga can nurture the mind and body. This personal experience fuels Jodee’s wish to share yoga with each student willing to learn.

Jodee has studied with senior teachers Matthew Sweeney and Iain Grysak. In 2013, Jodee completed 7 weeks of study with Iain Grysak in Whitehorse.  Recently Jodee has begun studing with Fiona Stang.  She is a registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, receiving RYT 200 in 2008 and currently E-RYT 200, with over 3000 hours of teaching experience. Jodee is also the lead Instructor for the Teacher Training program at The Yoga Path.

Through experience with personal injuries, balancing yoga practice with life and overcoming challenges in her own yoga practice, Jodee has developed the ability and compassion to assess and teach yoga in a truly accessible method. Common encouragement from Jodee: “Rather than wanting a good practice or the right circumstances, just begin practicing yoga and the details will work themselves out as you begin to feel the benefits”.

Sara began practicing yoga in 2010 to help relieve back pain caused by running. She started practicing reluctantly to manage pain but it quickly turned into a lifestyle that would forever change the course of her physical health, mental stability, and emotional tranquility. As the practice transformed Sara’s life, she became passionate about empowering others to connect with the strength and balance that yoga brings. In 2014 she received her RYT-200 from her home studio in Virginia where she then enjoyed teaching core-focused hot power classes and restorative yoga. Sara relocated to Juneau in January and has loved learning and practicing at The Yoga Path. She will complete both her RYT-500 and NASM Personal Training course in the summer 2017. When not practicing yoga, she can be found traveling and exploring outdoors with her husband and two dogs.
James discovered yoga as a way to stay grounded while spending several years traveling for work. As places and faces around him changed very frequently, the mat remained a constant. Over time, the effects of meditation, mind-body connection and physical awareness has led him deeper into the practice of getting to know oneself. Putting down roots in Juneau in 2013 also meant finding Ashtanga yoga for the first time through led Primary Series classes and eventually, a Mysore practice. Completing his RYT-200 training at The Yoga Path in 2015 has given him a teaching foundation based in personal practice development and he most enjoys connecting with students from a place of having been there himself.

Mike was introduced to yoga right here in Juneau, and has been practicing since 2007. He learned that living an active outdoors life style can come with some physical stress and injury to the body. He sought yoga for improving flexibility and overall well-being. Mike soon realized that there is more to yoga than just the physical aspects of the practice. He grew fond of the powerful linking of postures and full rhythmic breathing. He has learned his foundation of yoga from local Juneau teachers such as
Tammy Davis and Jodee Dixon. He is currently studying with certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Stephanie Quigley. Mike completed an intensive 200hour Ashtanga Yoga based training in 2013 with Ally Ford at White Orchid in Clearwater, Florida. Mike teaches a traditional Ashtanga based yoga class, focusing on the Tristhana method, which refers to “the union of three places of attention: posture, breathing, and looking place”. Mike is a registered teacher with the yoga alliance.


"Cailey discovered the joy of yoga in a Mysore room during her time at University. She was raised dancing ballet and found in yoga a similar joy of movement and meditation of physical activity combined with the cultivation of self-acceptance and love. She began practicing at the Yoga Path after returning to Juneau in 2014 and enjoys beginning her days with morning practice under the guidance of Jodee Dixon. She is excited to share her own love of yoga and the amazing benefits it offers to her students. Cailey lives on a houseboat with her husband and dog and in her free time enjoys spending time on the water in their skiff, hiking and making meals for friends. She will be traveling to Kerala, India in 2017 to practice under the tutorage of David Garrigues with her mother. "
Mary's yoga journey began in 1984 and her training and practice has mainly been within the Ashtanga lineage. She travelled to Hawaii to practice wih Shri K Pattabhi Jois in 1985 and in 2015 travelled to Mysore, India to practice with his grandson Sharath Jois at the home and birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga.
During the years of raising a family Mary found it extremely challenging to continue her Yoga journey as in earlier stages and for several years Yoga became more of an occasional class or workshop rather than a regular dedicated practice. In 2005 she rededicated herself to her Yoga path and started a home practice. She began to study with Stephanie Quigley in 2006 and more recently with Jodee Dixon from whom she received her 200 hour teaching certificate in 2015. She continues to seek to deepen her practice through study with both local and distant teachers and has had workshops and study with Tim Miller, Manju Jois, Dylan Bernstein, Fiona Stang and Troy Lucero. This year she returned to India to practice with David Garrigues and seek deeper understanding of The path of Yoga. She is excited to share her love of Yoga with students and looks forward to continued learning through the process of teaching. Along her yoga path she has also been a registered nurse for many years and has advanced studies in health and nutrition.

Abigail has been teaching Pilates for over 7 years, first being certified in mat and reformer Pilates and continuing to earn a personal trainer certification from AFAA. Her passion is to help people find strength and balance throughout the body, whether it be through Pilates or something more heart pumping. In 2008, Abigail became a certified Spin instructor to add cardiovascular health to any fitness routine. After finding joy in seeing people improve in health and wellbeing through fitness, Abigail also earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy through the University of the Pacific, Stockton California to help those with more specific injuries and to regain mobility. She is now living in Juneau, Alaska raising a newborn and enjoys hiking with her family.

Jodi Pirtle has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years with roots in Ashtanga Yoga and Mahayana Buddhadharma. Jodi's practice continues to evolve with the intention of consistency and balance in tune with shifting internal needs and external seasons. Jodi participated in a 200 hour RYT training with Kimberly Dahlmann in 2012 and studied Ayurveda with Betty Moylan at Yoga East in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Jodi returned to Juneau in 2013 and continued her practice with Jodee Dixon and Stephanie Quigley. Jodi is inspired by many teachers along her path who are wonderful examples of living your practice and loving the 8-limbed yoga that is Ashtanga.
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