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About The Yoga Path 

Prices (including tax)
Drop in:  $16

5 classes in SIX weeks: $60.  Expires after six weeks.  Individual use only (no sharing unless parents are bringing and sharing with their children).

10 class punch:  $140.  Expires after one year.  Share this class pack with friends and family if you wish.

Unlimited Monthly pass $108/month with recurring payment.  Sign up for unlimited passes at the studio.

Military discount:  10% off all services and merchandise.

Senior discount:  10% off ten class punch cards.  (age 60 or older)

Youth discount:  10% off five pack, expiration extended to 6 months.  (age 18 or younger)


The Yoga Path

The Yoga Path is all about the grand potential of well-being that consistent practice of yoga offers. 

Prior to starting The Yoga Path, I would often practice at home because a class or location was not convenient.  A home practice has its advantages, but I missed practicing with other people and in a warm yoga space.  I always support home practice when a class isn’t an option or when you need more introspection.  The rest of the time, yoga practice with a trusted teacher, in a warm and dedicated yoga studio, is ideal. For this reason,  I felt that a centrally located studio with a full schedule, from introductory classes to Mysore practice, was needed.   

For myself and the teachers at The Yoga Path, sharing yoga is about facilitating success in each student's life.  Now we have space at The Yoga Path.  Hope to see you soon. 


Teacher Training

The Yoga Path offers 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainer.  This training is focused more on personal growth and works with small groups.  Plenty of one on one time and options to suit your schedule and current level.  Talk directly with Jodee Dixon (907) 209-8136 if you are interested in Yoga Teacher Training.



The benefits of yoga are incredibly vast.  For each student, the experience is unique and all effort into yoga is rewarded with benefits.  Yoga:

  • Increases range of movement in stiff areas, while hypermobile joints are stabilized
  • Calms the mind and nervous system
  • Helps to reduce and manage stress
  • Combats depression and fatigue
  • Balances the digestive, endocrine, respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  • Complements meditation and other spiritual disciplines
  • Develops balance and core strength
  • Benefits all ages with the appropriate practice

The great world wide web has many resources for much greater detail on any aspect of yoga you may wish to research.  If you have specific concerns, questions, or areas of interest, please discuss these directly with your yoga teacher.



  • Practice yoga on an empty stomach.For lunch or evening classes, try a small and easily digestible snack 1 to 2 hours prior to practice.
  • Stay hydrated on a day to day basis. If truly thirsty during yoga, drink small amounts of water.  Immediately after yoga, especially classes in which you sweat and or twist a lot, drink plenty of water.
  • Wear clean and comfortable clothing.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before class so you are not rushed to get set up for class. 
  • Manage body odor by arriving showered and clean or if attending class after work, take a moment to freshen up in the restroom.  It will make you feel better during practice and it will be much more pleasant for your neighboring practitioners. 
  • Upon arriving at the studio, stay focused on getting yourself set up and breathing on your mat.  A few minutes of breathing in a comfortable position is highly recommended. Time for connecting with your yoga community is ideally reserved for after class.
  • *Any injury or health concern should be assessed by your doctor or health professional.  If you are working with an injury or health concern, please inform your yoga teacher.    



Teachers that have inspired me:
Fiona Stang www.ashtangayogavancouver.com


Resources on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:


Other Yoga References:


What students are saying

"Thank you very much, Jodee!  You are so wonderful and absolutely my favorite yoga instructor!  You really are very good at guiding and motivating practitioners. - Linda"


"You’re an amazing teacher – one of the best I’ve ever had.  Working with you over the last several months has pushed me forward in my practice.  Your attention to detail has allowed for that.  You are a true yoga coach.  I cannot thank you enough. - Sonja"


"It was really wonderful to have you here!!!  Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into our little Ashtanga community here.  Please know you are always welcome back and I really hope you stay in touch.  I wish you tons of success teaching in Juneau.  They are lucky to have you there. - Heather, from Whitehorse."


"I eagerly await the opening of the Yoga Path and the opportunity to learn and receive from Jodee. Thanks to her yoga will always be a part of my life. For years, I have taken every opportunity to work with Jodee. Her patience and generosity are unlimited. Her depth of knowledge shared easily. It has, at times, taken me years formy mind, body, and spirit to be ready to "hear". She persevered through to my understanding - "Aha moments" can be a long time coming, their gift immeasurable."


"Practice allows me freedom from the chatter of my mind and pain of body, creating a pathway for peace. A regular practice has often been fleeting for me, usually revived when the chatter and pain beckon me to seek relief. I look forward to having space and guidance regularly available to move me toward greater growth and keep me on My Path. - K."


"Practicing with Jodee is transformative.  Jodee has the unique ability to peel away the layers, demystify the process and always bring it back to the breath.  Focusing on breath has allowed my yoga practice to grow beyond my wildest dreams both on and off the mat. - Darla"


"I've long believed Jodee should have her own studio. Through patient and conscientious instruction, she conveys her genuine love for yoga. From the first moments in Tadasana, each practitioner in the Yoga Path, at whatever level, will come to know through breath and physical alignment, guided by a wonderful teacher, the benefits of a healthy yoga practice. - JD"


"Jodee’s deep passion and ever increasing knowledge of yoga make her a phenomenal yoga instructor. When taking classes from her, I felt so good and became more flexible. Jodee really knows how to teach by demonstration and explaining poses and why we do them. She is encouraging and challenging yet recognizes her student’s limitations. Besides all that, she is one terrific individual! - CG"