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Workshops at The Yoga Path
Registration is required for workshops and series classes, early registration is appreciated.

To sign up, go to schedule tab, scroll to the date of the event and click sign-up.

Teacher Training/Mini workshop;
Teachers of all styles and teachers in training are welcome to attend this session. Work with new approaches or methods to refine your practice and teaching. Enjoy a little time to break down a concept.  
Sunday, November 19th 1:00pm - 3:30 pm.   
How can we help students feel steady and grounded in their postures and practice?  Only with foundation can we find the opportunity to release tension that is not serving us, to open up in a sustainable way.
Join us to observe and see how a students posture changes as cues or options are offered.   
4 different students will do a short practice, Jodee will offer verbal and hands-on adjustments.  In real time, real postures, we can see and hear how these changes are experienced by the student.  We don't aim to 'fix' people postures, I assume students are doing the best they can, with a little help, perhaps I can assist them in moving beyond barriers.  
If you'd like to be one of the 4 students observed (it's like a mini one on one session), please let Jodee know.  
CEC’s available for Yoga Alliance teachers.

Next Yoga Immersion January 7th 2018!  See details on the schedule.  

Women's Core & Pelvic Floor,  FULL!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the first notices of the next offering.

One day session, Saturday, Decemder 9th, 1-4pm
Join Kelsea Cannon, PT, DPT to learn core anatomy and function, activate the different core and pelvic floor muscles, identify key signs and symptoms that lead to impairment. Take these new skills to all your activities and daily life! 

This class educates students on the anatomy and function of the core and pelvic floor. This includes muscles, nerves, ligamentous attachments, and fascial connections that affect our quality of life. These areas include urinary and sexual function, the stability of the low back and hips, breath, and maintaining an upright and dynamic posture. Traditionally, “kegals” are widely prescribed as a catch-all cure for the pelvic floor, particularly postpartum. However, a growing body of evidence shows that a healthy pelvic floor is more than simply doing kegals. In fact, some forms of pelvic pain & dysfunction are worsened when performing the widely known “kegal”. This class is designed to promote knowledge and awareness of the importance and proper function of the pelvic floor and core muscles. While it is not the aim of the class to specifically diagnose and treat individuals, we hope to provide a global understanding of function and dysfunction associated with pelvic floor and the lumbopelvic girdle.

Dylan Berstein will be in Juneau, June 4th-9th.  There will be a Mysore component and a meditation/pranayama/philosophy component.  You have will options to either or both.

Stay connected for teacher training to enrich your practice and acquire continuing education credits. 


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