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Ashtanga Yoga Basics

This class is taught by:

Carrie Amott

Carrie began her journey with yoga in 2004 at the age of 19 while living in New Orleans. Over the next decade and a half her practice would lead her to discover many styles of yoga over a range of many different places. In 2012 she moved to Southeast Alaska, and in 2016 she discovered Ashtanga yoga and adopted it as her personal practice. In 2017 she met Jodee Dixon and began a partnership in an effort to bring yoga to those in Juneau struggling with the mental and physical disease of addiction. In June 2018 she completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training under Jodee at The Yoga Path, where she now has the honor to teach.

Carrie's fascination with yoga began because she wanted to attain both the physical and mental benefits of the practice. And over time, the breath and postures have led to refinement of her awareness of both the inner-self and the exterior-world. In many instances this has allowed her to find her way out of imbalance and back to a state of wellness.

For Carrie yoga is a portal to contentment, balance, strength, fluidity, enlightenment, and access to unspoken truth and extended vitality (to name a few). She is grateful that in this life she has the opportunity to help guide others on their own yoga path.

Ashtanga Yoga classes flow through a sequence to get you focusing on breath, building strength, flexibility and concentrating inward. This is much more than physical exercise, through moving our bodies we reveal areas and habits that need balancing and resolve.  Many, if not most of us have restriction and limitations to what our physical body can do.  All of the postures are simply practiced in a way suitable for your body, again, the breathing is the most important.  Just moving with breath, the best way you can into and out of the postures without pain.  
All are welcome.

Upcoming classes:

  • Wed Jan 23 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm with Carrie Amott